Online Donation

Thank you for helping St. Joseph's! Click to complete your donation on the ACS donation company website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my online donation account the same as my St. Joseph's Website account?

No. The online donation account is with the ACS donation reception company. Therefore you will need to create a new username and password for this account. You will need to give them an email address as well. This is how ACS will communicate with you, and how ACS will synchronize your parish donation records. (Therefore, please use the same email address with ACS and the parish.)

Do I need an online donation account in order to donate online?

No, you do not need to create an account in order to donate online. In this case, simply click on the option "Donate as Guest."

Creating an account (by clicking here) will simplify any repeat donation. You will be able to schedule regular donations, and save your payment information for future use.

Can I schedule regular donations?

Yes! Please do! After you have created your new online donation account and logged in, just click on “Give Now” and be sure to select the option for a “Recurring” gift as you are guided through the process of donating.

Is my personal information and donation secure?

Your personal information and donation are secured by the same security technologies that power online shopping sites all over the web ...128 bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer protection. The only thing more secure, are treasures laid up in heaven, where neither thieves steal, moths eat or rust corrupts.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can donate using your credit card or debit card or you can choose to have your donation withdrawn directly from your bank account (also known as an ACH transaction).

Can I designate a specific parish fund where my donation should go?

Yes. The site offers you full flexibility in selecting where your gift will go. From a drop down menu, select a designation. Some of these options will be permanent, some will be seasonal, such as a special Diocesan collections, or Christmas Flowers. You can even donate to multiple funds at once! Here’s a list of Designated Funds and what they are for:

  • Operations Fund (1st Collection) -- From this fund we keep the lights on, pay the salaries, and repair the furnace.
  • Building Fund (2nd Collection) -- Capital improvements are paid from this fund.
  • St. Bernadette Fund -- Parishioners helping parishioners in times of need.
  • Poor Box -- Many call or drop in who are in need; they are helped with this fund.
  • FSSP -- The Fraternity of St. Peter needs your help to operate its HQ and to train seminarians for the next generation of priests.

If I donate to the Easter Flowers fund, for instance, how do I specify the names for whom the flowers are given?

Please send this list of names separately to the parish office.

How do I get a receipt for my donation?

An electronic receipt is given to you immediately via email, with full details.

How do I view my giving history?

Once you are logged in to the ACS website, select “Giving” and select the “My Giving History” sub-item.

What are some of the advantages to the Donor?

  1. It's super easy: easier than writing a check and remembering to bring it.
  2. Record keeping: your records are automatic, accurate, and always accessible to you.
  3. Flexibility: it's easy to schedule a recurring donation, and just as easy to change it.
  4. Consistency: if you miss Mass, your donation doesn't.
  5. Security: the ACS company uses high-level encryption, so your information and donation are as secure as possible.

What are the advantages to the Parish?

  1. Consistency: if bad weather keeps you home, your donation will reach us securely. It is important for us to fill these unintended gaps.
  2. The donation details are uploaded to our ACS parish records seamlessly.
  3. The cost of paperless transactions tends to be less overall.
  4. Visitors to the parish will also be able to donate using this same portal.