Pastor's Corner Feb 5 2017

A couple of topics today.

Obituaries. Pondering death is not morbid; it is the most rational way to live. Are we living for our death notice? Obituaries often sound like this: "So and so rose to the top of the company and under his leadership it saw unprecedented growth." God won't be reading our obituary — he judges the inside. The obits are too polite to give a complete picture: "So and so rose to the top of the company, but in the process neglected his wife and kids. The children became estranged when they saw through the expensive gifts. Bitterly unrepentant on his deathbed, so and so accused the kids of ingratitude, blamed his 1st wife for poisoning their minds. But under his leadership, the company saw unprecedented growth." Don't just tell God what you've done, tell him also what you haven't done, and then a more complete picture emerges.

1st Commandment. Without a body, the devil doesn't commit sins of the flesh. Those of us composed of body and soul need to distinguish sins most dangerous from those most grievous. Sins of the flesh are most dangerous because they are readily occasioned and easily committed. The danger lies in their proximity. The most grievous sins are those most directly opposed to God: pride. The evil one says: "I will not serve." While more serious, these sins can occasion less shame. Shame is not a measure of gravity. We can easily be deceived. "I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me." If we feel strong in our faith and out of danger, then we're already in danger, because: "pride goes before the fall." Opposition to God can descend into defiance of God. This is the sin of Jezebel. I will not be corrected! I will not be taught! I will not be judged! This reaction is as ignoble and unsophisticated as a temper tantrum. [Exit adult tantrum, stage left.] It is the duty of the pastors of the Church to warn the faithful of dangers, especially deceptive dangers.

Thank you for your support of the parish. God love you.

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