Pastor's Corner Aug 19 2017

Please pray for the repose of the soul of our bishop. Please also pray for his successor. It is a testimony to how easily we take things for granted, that we can simply expect a successor to the apostles to be named quickly, and a man to our liking too!

While the bishop's funeral will take place Friday morning at the cathedral, we will offer a sung Requiem Mass for his repose at St. Joseph's Friday evening at 6:00 pm.

Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo, a Philadelphia native and formerly the Bishop of Honolulu, was installed as the twelfth Bishop of Richmond on May 24, 2004.

Since his installation, Bishop DiLorenzo worked in partnership with Bishop Paul S. Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington to establish the Virginia Catholic Conference to advance the mutual public-policy interests of the Commonwealth's two Catholic dioceses. Under Bishop DiLorenzo's leadership, a five-year pastoral plan was developed to address inter-church collaboration, and International priests from Asia and Africa were invited to serve in the Richmond diocese. He continues to promote the goals of the McMahon-Parater Foundation, attempting to make Catholic schools available, accessible, and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children.

Bishop DiLorenzo relocated the Chancery offices, formerly situated on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. The Diocesan Pastoral Center, located in western Henrico County houses all diocesan offices, the Tribunal and The Catholic Virginian. It serves as a resource for parishes, schools and institutions hosting educational conferences and workshops.

Under Bishop DiLorenzo's leadership the Diocesan Home Mission grant program was established to provide supplemental financial resources for parishes in areas where there are few Catholics and limited resources. The Annual Diocesan Appeal was significantly remodeled to include a new Case for Support that focuses on supporting vital ministries such as in cultivating the next generation of Catholic leaders, seminarian education, health insurance for retired priests, emergency assistance through the Fuel and Hunger Fund. A significant portion of the Appeal is returned to the parishes to fund their important local priorities.

In addition, Bishop DiLorenzo has exercised great leadership—amidst significant criticism—in establishing the historic "Living Our Mission" Diocesan Capital Campaign. This campaign established an over $100 million foundation to help meet the needs of Virginia's Catholics for generations to come. His talents as an administrator were remarkable.

Bishop DiLorenzo invited the Fraternity of St. Peter into the diocese, first into Chesapeake, then in Richmond. We will always be grateful to him for that generosity. May he rest in peace.

Thank you for your continued support of the hierarchy of the Church. When we serve them, it is Christ we are serving.

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