Pastor's Corner Oct 8 2017

We may have noticed some work outside. We decided that after so much difficulty in growing things on our front boulevard area — where our Fatima Shrine is located — that a sprinkler system is necessary. Paul plants, Apollo waters, and God gives the increase.

Altar Boy Practice: We will meet on Saturday Oct. 21, from 1 to 4 pm. Our altar servers are very important to the life of the parish. For instance, at our last funeral, I received from visitors several compliments about the your impressive conduct. Good job, boys! However, some of us are, ahem, less easily impressed. Can we tighten up our ship a little? Yes, I believe we can. Please note: 1) Sign-up to receive the altar boy emails from the parish, 2) Plan to come to the monthly meeting — or let the office know — by email or call — of your planned absence, 3) MC's need to come to help train the youngers, 4) We will attempt to have a Serving Schedule from now on, 5) Get ready for some serious fun together. Thank you for your dedication for the glory of God.

Two New Groups for Girls: Moms — please come with your daughters to an Organizational Tea Luncheon on Saturday Oct. 21, from 1 to 4 pm. With your help, we are calling into existence two groups, A Sodality of Our Lady (ages 13 and up), and a troop of Little Flowers (ages 5 to 12). +++ Come see our table at the Volunteer Fair this Sunday in the Hall. +++

Confraternity of St. Peter: We priests rely on the prayers of the faithful to sustain us in the front line of the spiritual battle. In turn, of course, we help to sustain you. The Confraternity is our inner sanctum of spiritual strength. Please consider becoming a member, if you are not already. Registration forms are available on the back table. All registered, please bring your Membership — the form you received from the Fraternity Headquarters — to a Mass on Oct. 22nd. On this day, we will Consecrate the Parish to the Blessed Virgin, we will pray together the prayer for priests, a priest will sign your Membership form, and you will receive a special blessing. Thank you for your generous gift of prayer.

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