Pastor's Corner Jan 21 2017

On the back of the bulletin you will see some photos which might be entitled, "Our trip to Nebraska." If you thought is was cold here … in NE, the only thing between you and the North Wind, is a barbed wire fence. But inside, the glow of fraternal charity was enough to warm the coldest hearts and hands. It was the first time so many (100+) Fraternity priests met together; normally there's only one half at a time. (We appreciate your patience in having to cancel Mass for two days.) Our priests' meeting was a long-term investment in the good of the institute, which, as always, causes some short-term discomfort. You'll recognize 2 of the 8 priests elected: Marsolle and McNeely; in my mind, this proves the vote was rigged! Anyway, thank you for your prayers for a safe return. Thank you for your spiritual and financial support of the seminary and the Fraternity as a whole.

We are happy to have this weekend Fr. Zachary Akers, FSSP who's in charge of the Development Office at our District HQ. Welcome, Fr. Akers!

We hope to have met His Excellency Bishop Knestout by the time you read this, on Saturday night. He prefers, you should know, to be called "Your Excellency" in direct address, and to be referred to in indirect address as "His Excellency." Now, it remains to be seen whether he will suffer a left genuflection and the kissing of his episcopal ring!

May God reward you for your generosity.

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