Pastor's Corner Mar 4 2018

Singing in the rain: Sometimes we get a puddle forming under the cupola in the nave. (It really depends on which way the wind is blowing). We have identified the cause of the leak in our copper top and will begin addressing the issue on Monday. In addition, we were hoping to get a few more years from our cedar shakes but this was too optimistic. Therefore, we are currently getting quotes for their replacement. Thank you for your patience with these projects. More importantly, thank you for your continued support of the Capital Improvement Fund.

Annual Appeal: Many of us rely often on the services of the diocesan entities, either directly or indirectly. As we enjoy the privilege of being an official parish of the diocese, we have a God-given responsibility to aid the common good of the wider community. Sixty percent of you were (are) very generous in the "Living Our Mission" Diocesan Capital Campaign, which is chiefly funding endowments. The ADA, by contrast, funds operating expenses for important programs. His Excellency needs to know that St. Joseph's is a loyal collaborator with him in bringing Christ to a fallen world. Therefore, I am asking everyone to participate in the Appeal. Even if we don't reach our targeted dollar amount, it is very important to shoot for 100% participation. Even if your gift be the size of a McCafé or dinner out for the family, or something greater, please let it not be zero. Many of you have received a letter from Bishop Knestout. For those who have not, we will conduct our in-pew pledge process on March 18.

Receiving Holy Communion: How do I say anything without making you self-conscious? Nevertheless, I think it good to refresh some salient points to minimize the risk of dropping a host or the possibility of spreading germs. Thank you for your patience!

1) Since God is feeding us, the act of receiving Holy Communion is just that—a reception. We are not active in taking, but passive in receiving at the hands of his minister in persona Christi.

2) Because we are kneeling (if able), and receiving on the tongue, we do not need to make a reverence beforehand or say "Amen" afterward, as we are already expressing these sentiments.

3) Please try to be as still as possible, so that only the host comes in contact with your tongue. Please do not lunge forward, strain upward, or grab the host in any way, as all of these things are movements. Also, hold onto the railing so that you do not sway unintentionally.

4) While looking level and straight ahead, lift your chin slightly, open your mouth partway and stick out your tongue partway. Ideally, your tongue then forms a small, flat, horizontal landing pad upon which the host will be placed. If you stick out your tongue too far, for instance, it will be tense, not flat, and not horizontal.

5) If you wish to fold your hands, please do not hold them under your chin as this doesn't give room for the communion paten; rest them on the Communion Rail. Please do not cross your arms over your breast as this has become the universal sign for receiving a blessing rather than Communion.

Again, I appreciate your patience in these small but important matters. We need not take ourselves too seriously, but seek perfection just the same. "Be still and know that I am God!"

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