Pastor's Corner Mar 11 2018

Continuing Education: Our next class will be on the Spirit of the Liturgy by Joseph Ratzinger. This class will only begin after Easter. Thank you for your patience; stay tuned for details.

Good Spiritual Reading: The garden of our mind must be cultivated: we plant good seeds, fertilize, water and weed, etc. God provides the sunshine! Now, if our garden is to bear fruit, what is this fruit? While the knowledge is good for its own sake, it must also be ordered to the highest of all human activities: communion with God. Our "knowledge about" God must be used to facilitate "knowing" God. This is what mental prayer is all about--a personal conversation between friends. Heart and mind. This prayer is essential.

Liturgical Prayer: Holy Week is a time of 'heavy' liturgies. What vivifies them is our own preparation: our personal prayer, especially our mental prayer. Without this, the meaning of the liturgy does not penetrate our heart and mind. If we find the liturgies "long and boring" it is guaranteed that our mental prayer is deficient.

Psalm 88: When our Lord was arrested and 'convicted' by the Sanhedrin, he spent the night waiting to be brought to Pilate in the morning. What did he do? He prayed. Read Psalm 88 in this context:

"Lord God, day and night I cry bitterly to thee; let my prayer reach thy presence, give audience to my entreaty, for indeed my heart is full of trouble. My life sinks ever closer to the grave; I count as one of those who go down into the abyss, like one power-less. As well lie among the dead, men laid low in the grave, men thou rememberest no longer, cast away, now, from thy protecting hand. Such is the place where thou hast laid me, in a deep pit where the dark waters swirl; heavily thy anger weighs down on me, and thou dost overwhelm me with its full flood. Thou hast estranged all my acquaintance from me, so that they treat me as a thing accursed; I lie in a prison whence there is no escape, my eyes grow dim with tears. On thee I call, to thee stretch out my hands, each day that passes. Not for the dead thy wonderful power is shown; not for pale shadows to return and give thee thanks. There in the grave, how shall they recount thy mercies; how shall they tell of thy faithfulness, now that life is gone? How can there be talk of thy marvels in a world of darkness, of thy favor in a land where all is forgotten? To prayer, Lord, fall I lusti-ly; it shall reach thee, while there is yet time. Why dost thou reject my plea, Lord, and turn thy face away from me? Ever since youth, misery and mortal sickness have been my lot; wearily I have borne thy visitations; I am overwhelmed with thy anger, dismayed by thy threats, that still cut me off like a flood, all at once surrounding me. Friends and neighbours gone, a world of shadows is all my company."

Thank you for all your support. Let us pray for each other.

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