Pastor's Corner June 3 2018

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the seminarians coming this week to help with the Altar Boys Camp: Eric Krager and Salvio Clemente. Welcome!

We are excited by the new online donation site. "Ah, there he goes—talking about money again!" I hope you feel like I am a good steward of your financial contributions, and that the physical well-being of the parish is well looked after. If for whatever reason you don't, please do not hesitate to write or call. It's the love of money that's the root.

WESHARE: If you have used our online donation system ACS/VANCO, you have already received an invitation to sign-up with WESHARE. Some of you have responded already—thank you. The whole online process is becoming more user friendly, more flexible, more customizable and more secure all the time. We are very pleased with WESHARE so far. (If you're a current user, and haven't received an invitation, there's an error, please notify the parish office.)

New Users: For those who would like to try online giving for the first time, we encourage you to visit our website and click the DONATE button. You will also see frequently asked questions and answers there. Clicking the WESHARE logo will transport you to our parish's page on the WESHARE website. Surf around. You'll have easy access to the various giving opportunities, and descriptions. Log-in to set-up an account for yourself. It is easy to establish a one-time gift, or recurring gifts, by all the normal, modern, digital means. Your giving history will be recorded there and visible to you. You can even print out a slip with your name, which can be placed in the collection basket!

ACS is still available: please scroll down to the bottom of the DONATE page. Our account with ACS will be cancelled as of June 30, so please do not delay in transferring your giving over to WESHARE.

Does the parish prefer online donations? Let's be clear – I prefer whatever you prefer! But, you may have heard that online donations incur high transaction fees. This may be true, but every system has a cost. It may be fun to compare, apples to apples, two equal $20 donations made in different systems.

Case 1: Mr. Jones gives $20 cash. a) the bill is stored in a safe location, manually, b) the bill is counted, manually, c) a bank deposit slip is prepared, manually, d) the bill is driven to the bank, manually, e) the bill is counted, again, manually, f) the amount is recorded in our bank account, manually, g) our financial records are made to reflect this deposit, manually, and h) the donation is recorded in Jones' giving history manually.

Case 2: Mr. Smith donates $20 online by credit card. a) notification is sent to our bank, automatically, b) our bank account receives the money electronically, c) notification is sent to the parish, automatically, d) Smith's donation history is updated, automatically. But, the parish is charged a fee of 3.5% plus $.15 per transaction fee so that the net amount received is only $16.35. So, which is more expensive? It depends on how expensive all that labor is.

Summer Holiday Time: Each year we run deficit from July to September. Typically, we recover by January. When you go travelling in the summer, you expect the parish to be here when you return. Indeed! One distinct advantage of a recurring online gift is that it stays working even when you don't! Thank you for your fantastic generosity to the parish. May the God of all generosity reward you for all eternity, Amen.

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