Pastor's Corner Nov 4 2018

We need the example of the saints. Fr. Paul Ragueneau, SJ, on March 1, 1649, only two weeks before the martyrdom of St. Jean de Brébeuf, put pen to paper to describe the martyrdom of Fr. Anthony Daniel, SJ.: "The latest disaster to strike us – last July – was the most severe of all. Fr. [Anthony] Daniel in the village of St. Joseph had barely finished mass, his Christians [of the Huron people] being yet in the chapel, when at the war-cry of the enemy [the Iroquois], they seized their weapons. Unmindful of his own danger, he hurried into the cabins to baptize the sick, and assist the aged and the children. Finally he fell mortally wounded by a musket shot and pierced with arrows. They vented their rage on his lifeless body and there was hardly one of them who did not add a new wound to his corps. They then set the church on fire and flung his body into the flames which consumed his body so that not even a bone was left; indeed, he could not have found a more glorious funeral pyre."

"The progress of Christianity has surpassed our brightest hopes. We baptized this year 1,700 Christians, without counting those baptized by Fr. Daniel. These Christians are by no means, as one might imagine, ignorant of divine truths or unprepared for the mysteries of our Faith. Many have a profound grasp of spiritual truths; these are some whom even Religious might envy for their virtue, piety and holiness …" (Shadows over Huronia, Paul Ragueneau, p. 35).

May we be worthy to suffer also for the name of Christ: "Blessed are ye, when they shall revile you, … for My sake: be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven," (Mt. 5:12).

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