Pastor's Corner Nov 25 2018

We discussed several of the North American Martyrs. Fr. Anthony Daniel, SJ, had the habit of putting himself in mortal danger for the sake of the salvation of souls. He worked in the remotest villages where the danger from the enemy tribes was greatest, and also the treachery of the home tribe. When the final attach came, he encouraged the able-bodied to flee for their lives, but he himself stayed behind to minister to those who could not flee, or those catechumens who begged for baptism. This group was so numerous, and there was so little time, Fr. Anthony baptized them using the aspersion method. When at last he could do no more, he faced the Iroquois attackers with such indifference they were momentarily stunned into inaction. They shot Fr. Anthony Daniel with bullets and arrows. Their hatred being unsatisfied, they treated his corpse with every conceivable indignity, finally casting it into the chapel which they had set on fire. No relics remained.

Fr. Anthony Daniel's story is written by Fr. Paul Raggeneau, who was the superior of the community. He wrote: "This good father appeared after his death to one of ours … he showed himself in a state of glory, wearing the aspect of a man about 30, although he died at the age of 48. The thought that most readily occurred to the person to whom he appeared was, to ask him how the divine goodness had permitted the body of his servant to be so unworthily treated after his death, and so reduced to powder that we had not the happiness of being able to gather up it's ashes. "Magnus Dominus, et laudabilis nimis," he answered, "Truly God is great and adorable forever; He has regarded the reproaches cast upon this His servant, and, in order to recompense them in God, great as he is, He has given me many souls which were in Purgatory, who have accompanied my entrance into Heaven and my triumph there." (Shadows over Huronia, p.32 ff.)

Did Fr. Anthony Daniel regret his sufferings, indignities, martyrdom? Rather, is he still giving glory to God because of them? Our sufferings can be the same. Should we complain?

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