Pastor's Corner Jan 13 2019

Gratitude. Thank you to all who contribute to make our parish life function as well as it does. Many of you express your gratitude by sharing your time and talents and treasure. We all benefit from your generosity to the common good. Your reward will not fully be given on earth; look forward to greater rewards in heaven!

What is cathedraticum? This is financial support which the cathedral has a right to expect from subject churches. The cathedral is a sign of the bishop who exercises authority from the seat, or cathedra. The earliest legislation is recorded in the Second Council of Braga (A.D. 572) which stated that only parish churches and chapters were obliged to pay the cathedraticum. Since 572, the right to charge the cathedraticum has always been upheld. Taxes are, however, seldom a cause of public rejoicing.

Why the Cathedraticum? In the New World, the cathedraticum had to be applied to the new mission territories: The Eighth Provincial Council of Baltimore (1855) declared: "As it is just that the bishop who watches over the salvation of all, should receive from all the faithful of the diocese whatever is necessary for his proper support and for enabling him to execute his office, we decree that he may demand for this purpose a part of the revenues of all churches in which the care of souls is exercised." The Cardinal Prefect of the Propaganda, writing to the bishops of the Province of Cincinnati in 1857, says: "The right of the bishop to receive support from his diocese has been recognized." The Provincial Council of New Orleans in 1856 calls this subsidy the "right of cathedraticum, either to sustain the bishop or to provide for various necessities of the diocese." In Canada, the Provincial Council of Halifax in 1857 declares: "As the bishop is constituted not for one part but for all parts of his diocese, and as he labors and watches for all alike, all are obliged to contribute for his proper sustenance." The Second Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1866, likewise states that "it is evidently equitable and just that all the faithful of each diocese should contribute to the support of their bishop, who bears the solicitude for all." (Wikipedia on Cathedraticum).

So, can we escape the cathedraticum? Not always; not without being guilty of ingratitude for the benefits which God generously provides us through a successor of an apostle. But, the diocese is offering us a chance to have an endowment which will NOT be subject to the cathedraticum tax. This endowment can be used for special projects, but not regular operations. It is not a checking account. Please stay tuned for more information coming later.

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