Pastor's Corner Jan 20 2019

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My cousin died this week; he was older than I by almost 10 years. It brings death home a little closer than before. Our parents were married together in a double wedding and the two families grew up together with many happy memories. I had 34 aunts and uncles but now only 4 remain. The cousins have begun to take their turn in passing to the next world. Is it to be regretted? Of course. In the grace of God, the separation of loved ones is only temporary. Here's a weird fact: if we have the good fortune of meeting our parents and aunts and uncles and even our children or grandchildren in heaven, we will meet on equal terms. This never was the case on earth. Everyone will be the same age! Young and beautiful! Even that homely woman that chided the inebriated Chesterton will be beautiful. Will Chesterton be sober? Benedicamus Domino!

This world only makes sense with a view of the Eternal. Our heart was made for perfection. That perfection will almost never be found here. Almost never. We have to wait! In the meantime, we have to work while we wait. We must work with confidence, serenity, peace –the perfect justice we desire is coming later. This is guaranteed; God promised; and he's always faithful to his promises. But we have to wait!

The movers and shakers in this world, who seem either insane or inebriated, don't judge this world with a view to the next. This puts them in a pitiable position of inescapable frustration at not achieving their ends. Then, in desperation, resorting to evil means to achieve their ends, and still being frustrated at the end of the story. Nero, Herod, Hilary. It's all predictable and sad.

If we have one eye on heaven: we grieve our loses with hope; we suffer our crosses with joy; we experience both our successes and failures with peace.

Cooperating: When we donate our money to an organization, what about the question of cooperating in that organization's evil? In this we need to distinguish formal and material cooperation in evil. This is a topic of a future Pastor's Corner.

Thank you for your awesome support. God love you.