Pastor's Corner Jan 27 2019

Thank you to Fr. Robert Fromageot, fssp for his good service among us for the past 11 days. His parents were also able to come visit while he was on the East Coast. They all liked the parish very much. Thank you, St. Joseph's for your flexibility and warm welcome to them. Bravo! Isn't it amazing that the services of a Fraternity priest can be, how might we put it, plug-n-play?

Charitable contribution statements: The project this year is a bucking bronco. We went from bad to worse when we changed our tracking software July 1st. Therefore, if you made a donation in both halves of the year, you will receive two statements in one envelope. Secondly, there are a few bugs in the system. A) some of the pagination is wrong—if your statement appears on two pages, but it reads "Page 2 of 3", please ignore this, you are not missing a page. B) The date assigned to a particular donation may be inaccurate; pay more attention to the totals. C) The new software has a mind of its own – if anything else is wrong, including your name, kindly bring it to our attention. Thank you so much!

"Cooperation in Evil" is a topic in Moral Theology. It is necessary to distinguish two kinds of cooperation in evil: material and formal. Formal cooperation involves consent of our will to the evil act of another. Consent is a decision. We can consent before, during or after an evil act. Our consent might take various forms: agreement, assistance, encouragement, permission. For instance, driving the get-away car for the bank robber.

Cooperation which does not involve consent to the evil is called material. For instance: if your mailman is living a sinful lifestyle, but you accept your mail without objection, are you not cooperating with this man? In a small degree, yes. The mailman—customer relationship is a business relationship without any moral overtones. Your mutual lifestyles are irrelevant to this relationship. This would be called "remote material cooperation." Are we allowed to cooperate to this degree? Yes—a sane life would be impossible without it. More next week about "proximate material cooperation."

Thank you for all your sharing of time, talent and treasure during 2018. I couldn't do it without you. May God be your reward.

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