Pastor's Corner Feb 24 2019

Chivalry and security. Stay tuned for the workshop we are planning to implement our security protocols. Some have asked if there has been a particular threat which prompted the security measures? The answer is no, these issues have been brewing for some time.

Day of Recollection Sat. 23 March: The Day will be anchored by Holy Mass, the rosary, Stations of the Cross and a Holy Hour. Our Guest speaker is Mr. Matthew Arnold who's main topic will be Our Lady of Good Success. Please see the insert for details. In addition, he will give us one talk on Sunday 24 March called: Chivalry and the Manly Art of Virtue. Please mark your calendars. Registration details to follow.

Excommunication: Do you feel strongly that NY's Cdl. Dolan should excommunicate Andrew Cuomo for passing and shamelessly celebrating his pro-abortion legislation? I feel your pain. In the opinion of Ed Peters, a premier Canon Lawyer, Dolan can't excommunicate Cuomo for his legislation—because the canons don't support that. This doesn't excuse all episcopal inaction: the bishops have not enforced the Canon 915 which bars from Holy Communion: "those who obstinately persist in a manifest grave sin." Ed Peters understands our frustration: "[T]he near universal failure of US bishops (alone with their European, even Roman, counterparts, but who even notices that anymore?) to enforce so relevant and ready a norm as Canon 915 against pro-abortion Catholic politicos…and the broader episcopal failure to enforce basic Catholic discipline in many other areas, has left faithful Catholics so scandalized, wearied, and angry that when…the abortion cult takes over…Dolan comes to represent heterodox prelates everywhere." (A Canon Lawyer's Blog, Feb.7, 2019). We may be tempted to focus our frustration on Dolan, and demand action—any action—just because it seems better than more inaction.

Public Apologies? Can we demand that Bishop X to make an apology for misdeed Y? Maybe. Be careful—rash judgements and unsupported accusations are easy to make. A judgement is "rash" when it is made without sufficient evidence. A mere suspicion, even widely-held and oft-repeated suspicions, do not constitute real evidence. They may be enough to spark an investigation. (This was neglected in the case of McCarrick.) We are not a judge or jury; "Judge not, lest thou be judged." In these troubled times, let us not fall into our own sin—if we've voiced out loud a rash judgement, it is WE who are liable for a public apology! Let us be humble about our own failures, long-suffering with the faults of others, moderate in our opinions, and merciful to all sinners. None of these virtues contradict the truth. None require passivity.

New Mass Intention Envelopes: Some important reminders: A) The pastor sets these parish policies in accordance with Canon Law and the virtue of justice. B) Everyone's intentions are of equal importance and will be treated the same. C) Masses are scheduled in the order received, and, generally speaking, one per month. Any requested date must be LATER than the current schedule. D) Since God is outside of time, do not imagine that the after-life is waiting in earth-time for your Mass to be offered. E) Since your newly deceased Uncle George is NOT more important than the other guy's Uncle Harry, all Masses will be scheduled in the order received. F) Masses can be offered for non-Catholics, but in this case, the name should not be published to avoid giving a false impression. G) Since the stipends are a gift to the priest and a participation in the sacrifice—and not a donation to the parish—and since we do not distribute the stipend until the Mass is actually offered, please help us by offering cash, not a check. H) Please do not pester Miss Beverly about your dates; given the foregoing, it will be unjust.

Thank you for your support.

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