Pastor's Corner Mar 3 2019

The primary end of marriage is the procreation and education of children. Parents, of course, are the primary educators of their children. Among the lessons to be taught, is the importance of modesty in dress and behavior.

Fathers have a particularly important role to play. The father's role is unique. His lessons to his children are powerful, if given in the context of his manifest love for their mother. Words backed up by actions. If the daughters can see his devotion to the mother, they will more easily trust him when it's difficult to do so.

The modern world pushes, despite the mantra of 'equality', to reduce the dignity of a women to her sexuality. It is a two-sided hatred of true femininity. The supposed ‘equality' is an attempt to become masculine, and the hyper-sexuality is a rejection of the dignity of womanhood, and especially motherhood. All the female superheroes are dressed like hookers.

Contrarywise, God said: "Let us make man in our image and likeness, … male and female God created them," (Gen.1:23). How the singular "man" has been divided into the plural "them" is a mystery, a wonderful mystery. Male and female are two expressions of the image and likeness of God. To reject, denigrate or abuse femininity is to offend its creator, among other things.

Fathers, you must teach your daughters that their most significant identity is to be daughters of the heavenly Father. Since He is the King of Kings, this makes them princesses in the royal household. As princesses, they must be taught to understand and appreciate the responsibilities and privileges of such an elevated dignity. Predictably, the privileges come easier.

Your daughters are good and beautiful and true because they are a reflection of God's goodness, beauty and truth. This applies to their whole personhood, body and soul. Their bodies are endowed with a special beauty which, as with anything special, is easy to mistreat and under-appreciate. Your devotion to them will be a guide for how others ought to behave also.

They should be no one's object of pleasure or play thing. Through a lack of formation, or worse, a deformation, your daughters can mistreat themselves. Hence the necessity of education regarding modesty in dress and behavior. For instance, the world encourages us to think we have a right to wear whatever. This was only true in the Garden of Eden. The truth is, all of us have a genuine responsibility to our neighbors of propriety. We do not encourage or provocate others to sin. Fathers, you must pay attention and set the standards. You must risk being unpopular for the sake of a higher good. I will pray for you!

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