Pastor's Corner May 5 2019

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On Easter Sunday I was at a restaurant for dinner. A family shuffled past our table on their way out. They were dressed in their Sunday best--formal, modest and beautiful. As my gaze met the father of the family's, I wished him a Happy Easter. He returned the greeting, as I felt certain he would. How did I know this family was celebrating Easter? It was obvious: their comportment was a sign of their love of good order, joy, dignity and beauty. In a non-verbal way, they were proclaiming the Resurrection of Christ.

Every Sunday is a little Easter. We commemorate and celebrate the resurrection of Christ each week. Without the resurrection of Christ, our faith is in vain. This is one reason why we must attend Holy Mass.

In Holy Mass, we are transported to Mount Calvary, in order for us to participate, in an unbloody manner, in the highest act of atonement for sin and worship of God in human history. At the same time, we are transported out of all time and space, out of the whole universe, to heaven. Here we participate in an other-worldly glory by being in the presence of the resurrected Jesus with all the saints and angels. We might even receive the body of the resurrected Jesus in Holy Communion!

What interior dispositions we should have towards God the Father, who adopted us as his children; towards Christ, who gave his life for us on the cross; towards the Holy Spirit who has been given as the sweet guest of our souls, towards mother Mary, who allowed her heart to be pieced with a sword of sorrow; to the saints and angels who worship God face to face in total bliss. Should I be filled with humble gratitude in the face of so much generosity? Submissive and docile to the will of them who have proven their love for me? Joyful, even in the midst of suffering, because the love of God is worth more than the loss of all else? Dignified because this befits my God-given dignity? Charitable because I desire to give what I have received in abundance? I think so.

Now, what kind of exterior comportment would befit someone who has humble gratitude and docility, and who is joyful, dignified and charitable? Is this person self-centered? or are they more concerned with pleasing God and working for the common good of others? The more we realize we are the recipients of God's generosity, the more we are convinced to share it.

Please tell me what clothing is appropriate to visit Mt. Calvary during the crucifixion. Are you more comfortable in those shorts? Sure. Is your comfort an important question? No. Do you think that skirt above-the-knee is cute? Maybe. Would you stand beside mother Mary at the crucifixion and think it's appropriate trying to get attention from others? That muscle shirt or sleeveless dress looks cool on a hot day. Is this an important consideration when attending Holy Mass?

We are Easter people. We are required to evangelize. If we wear our Sunday best for Sunday Mass, as a sign of our interior dispositions of humility, gratitude, docility, joy, dignity, and charity, and comport ourselves accordingly, we will not have to verbalize to anyone that we believe in the resurrection of Christ our savior. They will know.

We are Easter people. Let us proclaim the wonders of God by word and work. Let us begin at Holy Mass.