Pastor's Corner May 26 2019

Traditional Catholicism gives us a special view of temporal life, which, as we know, makes sense only from the point of view of eternity. We are encouraged to despise temporal things, and yet, all of temporal life is im-portant with regard to eternal life. "My kingdom is not of this world" and yet, "I send you another advocate." Through the revelation of Jesus Christ we are privileged to know what salvation is, and how to get there: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

In addition, we enjoy the privilege of the Traditional Latin Mass. It is the immemorial patrimony of the Latin Church. Let us rejoice in this gift, and support each other in it. This patrimony enables us to understand that all human life is an integral whole. It is ordered to Christ: flowing from Him, or flowing to Him. When we worship Christ, He is our source of grace and wisdom. This grace and wisdom, in turn, enables us to act on principle in all other areas of our life. Hence cult is the kernel of our culture.

The parish is the center of our cult or worship, and the chief source of God's blessings. By your multi-faceted support, this remains possible. If we take care of even the lowest things, like our physical plant, it will help to take care of us. We have banded together to accomplish many things. Allow me to summarize some of them: Projects Accomplished since July 2018 (Prices rounded to nearest thousand dollars): Indoor repairs, etc—28; Grading and drainage—28; Electrical work—28; Concrete work, etc—26; Soft and hard landscaping—15; Foundation sealing—10; Engineering—2; Dumpster corral—1; Shed Doors—.5; Irrigation line—.3. Total: $ 139,000.

Thank you for sharing the burden of this work. It is a security for our future and ultimately aids our daily living out of the gospel. Next up: paving. It may be the least important thing, but it's still vitally important. Our church is holy; our grounds are also holy; the lot need not be pot-hole-y!

The finance council determined that it was better to pave the whole parking lot rather than doing it by halves. The parking lot paving will cost the princely sum of $237,000. This will secure our future for many years. However, to do it we need a $200,000 loan (while maintaining a healthy rainy-day fund). Your generosity, as exhibited in the bulletin each week, gives me confidence that, if we band together again, we can redeem this debt in 12 months. Let's make it happen! Please see our campaign flier.

The parking lot must be done before we can do other things, especially the playground and picnic area. Let's band together, once again, for the sake of our common vision.

May God reward you richly.

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