Pastor's Corner Jun 29 2019

Well, this is my last corner. Let's take a retrospective. You have Eric Demyanovich to thank for these ‘Corners.' As a member of the Finance council years back, he said it would improve the bulletin—it's what his childhood priest did. You can be the judge as to whether we achieved this end.

We had a beautiful Corpus Christi "altar of repose". We have Nino Ballesteros to thank for that. He was up until midnight putting it together; it added a lot to our procession.

I am very proud of the best-ever Corpus Christi Picnic this year; not because I deserve the credit—but precisely because I don't. I gave some early opinions; a committee then took the reins and created a great event, ably guided by Lorraine Hewitt.

We just enthroned the parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You have Mary Alice Hoffman to thank for that, among others. She's been suggesting this for years. Sometimes patience wins the day!

We have beautiful islands in our parking lot. You have Bob Ulrich to thank for that. I resisted the idea at first, because of the expense it entailed, but later ran with the idea and add benches, etc.

I'm much better about staying on top of my mail, etc. (Alas, better doesn't equal great, necessarily.) We have Beverly to thank for that, and a thousand other things too, of course.

If one of our parish boys becomes a priest, who should we thank for that? Many people, of course, including those who prayed every month, as the Apostolate of Mary does.

I have more people to thank than there is capacity in my memory, or space in this bulletin. In addition, there are some, perhaps numerous, who deserve to receive pro-fuse praise and thanksgiving, but who will not be thanked until eternity, because their gifts are unknown. Thank you!

Insofar as I have done my God-given duty, you have been the beneficiaries. If you wish to thank me, I say: "You are welcome!" Let us give to the good God all the credit. Insofar as I have neglected my duty, or worse, have contradicted my duty, you have suffered and for this I apologize; please forgive me. I pray that God makes up for my failures.

A community is meant to function as a unit. Each part doing its part; none choosing to be dead weight; none overstepping his boundaries. But this world is imperfect in every way. Some of us are physically or emotionally wounded, and as a result we act like dead weight without meaning to. God has a plan with such imperfections—everyone benefits from the deficiencies of others. This is true in the parish as well. "Every branch that bears fruit he prunes, that they bear more fruit." (Jn 15:2).

Don't allow the forces of evil to divide and conquer. Don't sweat the small stuff for the sake of the great stuff, and you will go a long way towards doing the will of our good God.

Business items: The Parish Pastoral Council ceases to exist when the pastor changes; a new council will be established under the new pastor. The Finance Council continues its work. The parish will probably undergo a financial audit by the diocese as a matter of policy, to ensure financial integrity going forward.

Let us pray for each other.

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