Pastor's Corner Jul 28 2019

An old Cistercian Monk once told me that the spiritual life is like an oil lamp. The flame is prayer. The oil that keeps the flame going is spiritual reading. If the oil runs out, so does the flame. Often, a priest is asked: "Father, why is my prayer life such a drought? I feel like I'm just reciting empty words. What am I doing wrong?" The first questions I would ask are: "What do you feed your life of prayer? What oil do you put in your lamp? What are you reading?" Unfortunately, too often, the answer is: "nothing!" and there lies the problem. We need a constant and regular diet of good and healthy spiritual reading. That means every day. It feeds our prayer life, which should be a living relationship with Someone- Our God! And if it's a wild and crazy day when we may only have a few minutes, then take a few minutes and read a paragraph or two. Not being able to give God much can never be an excuse to give Him nothing!

So back to the question: "Father, why is my spiritual life such a drought?" It could be that you are starved! Or, if you are doing everything you should be doing, then it is a trial that will purify and deepen your faith. Your part is to keep on going. May the Blessed Mother guide us in persevering!

A few practical points:

-I am studying and taking in all the various elements and projects of the Parish gradually. There are quite a few. Thank you for your patience.

-God reward you for making use of the confession times we offer, especially during the weekdays. Sunday can be a bit of a traffic jam and a gamble as to whether one can make it to confession or not. Traditionally, it was not a day for confessions. However, in our day in age, almost all Fraternity apostolates do so because our parishes cover large territories and it is the only time some of our parishioners can make it to church, especially those coming from afar. It is some-thing we are happy to provide. The priest celebrating the Mass will be out of the confessional at least 5 minutes before Mass starts and the priest hearing confessions during Mass will step out to adore during the Consecration as announced before.

-Adorers for Wednesday exposition were more numerous, may it increase even more. Think of all the graces Our Lord is waiting to give you!

- I am truly humbled and edified by the army of volunteers we have here. People truly love this place and give much of themselves for it to be what it is, from replacing the sanctuary lamp, to mowing the grass, to mopping the floors, to everything in between. May God reward you abundantly!

Please be assured of my prayers, especially at the Altar of Our Lord.

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