Pastor's Corner Aug 25 2019

To recap what has been said so far in the Pastor's corner:

-Prayer life is a necessity. It is not optional. With-out it, virtue is impossible. "Without Me, you can do nothing".

-Prayer life must be practical and regular. It must be structured within our day, or else it is nothing but a nice thought/intention that gathers dust on a shelf.

-Prayer life must be fed by daily spiritual reading. If prayer is the flame on an oil lamp, spiritual reading is the oil that feeds the flame.

Now for something new: prayer life is a response in Faith to God's invitation. "If you labor and are burdened, come to Me, I will give you rest". How do I make this practical? There are very many "methods" to the art of prayer: meditating on scripture or a mystery of the Life of Christ, reading a psalm slowly, conversing with God, staying quietly in God's presence with a disposition of availability, reciting the Holy Rosary, and so on… I will write on each of those in the future, but for now, I would like to focus on the underlying and very necessary dispositions that make our "methods" fruitful. Our inner dispositions when approaching prayer are vital. Our prayer will be fruitful insofar as it is based on faith, hope and charity.

Fr. Jacques Philippe, in his wonderful book Thirsting for prayer, calls faith the "gateway". What brings about union with God is not feelings or thought processes, but faith. As soon as I start to pray, I am making an act of faith: that God exists, that He is my Creator, my Savior, the One who can and who longs to fulfill my heart, that it is worthwhile speaking to Him and listening for what He will say, that He loves me, that it is a good thing to spend time with Him.

Before we mechanically jump into "praying at God", may we take a few moments to consider what we are doing: prayer is an act of faith that connects me with God.

Please know that you and your families, both living and deceased, are in my prayers at the Altar of Our Lord.

A few announcements and reminders:

-Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If the secretary is in her office after hours, it is out of necessity. Please be mindful not to interrupt. When the secre-tary is away, office hours are reduced; please refer to the bulletin. For safety reasons, the doors will be locked after hours unless there is an event scheduled.

-If you need to schedule an appointment with Fr. Marsolle, please do so through the secretary.

-Thank you for making use of the scheduled confession times. Be mindful that the priest saying Mass will need to exit the confessional at least 5 minutes before Mass starts. If confessions are heard during Mass, the priest will step out of the confessional and adore during the time of the Consecration.

- St. Joseph's is a big facility. Considering diocesan policy for safe environment, and for safety reasons, children should not wander the hallways or property without any adult supervision. Thank you for your cooperation.

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