Pastor's Corner Sep 14 2019

We will keep on going with mental prayer according to the method of St. Francis De Sales in the upcoming corners. Since, however, we had the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady on September 8th, the Feast of Her Holy Name on the 12th and the feast of Her Sorrows on the 15th, it would be remiss not to mention Her.

The feast of Her Holy Name was instituted by Blessed Pope Innocent XI in thanksgiving for the vic-tory of the Christian armies over the Turks in Vienna in 1683.

There is a very fitting and most beautiful prayer of St. Bernard used in the Breviary on the occasion:

"And the name of the Virgin was Mary- this name is sometimes interpreted as Star of the Sea and it fits perfectly the Virgin-Mother."

"When I feel myself tossed about in the sea of this world amidst storms and tempests, I keep my eyes fixed on you, O Mary, shining star, lest I be swallowed up by the waves.

"When the winds of temptation arise, when I dash against the reef of tribulations, I raise my eyes to you and call upon you, O Mary. When I am agitated by the billows of pride, ambition, slander or jealousy, I look to you and invoke you, O Mary; when anger or avarice or the seductions of the flesh rock the fragile little barque of my soul, I always look to you, O Mary. And if I am troubled by the enormity of my sins, troubled in conscience, frightened at the severity of judgment, and if I should feel myself engulfed in sadness or drawn into the abyss of despair, again I raise my eyes to you, always calling on you, O Mary.

"In dangers, in difficulties, in doubts, I will always think of you, O Mary, I will always call on you. May your name, O Virgin Mary, be always on my lips and never leave my heart; in order that I may obtain the help of your prayers, grant that I may never lose sight of the example of your life. Following you, O Mary, I shall not go astray, thinking of you I shall not err, if you support me I shall not fall, if you protect me I shall have nothing to fear, if you accompany me I shall not grow weary, if you look upon me with favor, I shall reach the port."

-St Bernard

A few announcements:

-Fr. Franco will be on pilgrimage and recollection from September 26th through October 4th. The schedule will be a bit different-please check the bulletin and be mindful that there will not be confessions during Sunday Masses. Please plan accordingly.

-Thank you for your continued generosity towards the parking lot.

-Thank you to our coordinator and teachers for making our Religious Ed program a reality! God reward you.

-Thank you for the steps taken to improve the supervision of your children on the premises—we are moving in the right direction.

- Please be assured of my prayers for you and your families, especially at the Altar of Our Lord.

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