Pastor's Corner Dec 15 2019

Would you give your 2-year-old a loaded gun to play with?

Would you give your car keys to your 9-year-old for a test-drive?

Would you give your kid a pound of TNT and a lit match?

Would you let your kid swim around in shark infested waters? Or throw him in a cage with starving lions?

And yet… do you give your child (young or older) unrestricted, uncontrolled and unsupervised access to the internet?

The internet can be (morally speaking) one of the most dangerous places on earth. It is a very powerful instrument- for good or for bad. Like so many other things we make use of in life, we need a special training to use it properly. Think about it: it takes a bit for a child to learn to ride a bike. It takes time, there is a training process, there is a progression. Training wheels are first used, then when they are no longer needed, other phases follow.

Using the internet is not a matter of "navigating" the internet- that's easy enough and I've seen 4-year-olds be proficient at it. The internet is full of land mines, full of traps: from building a dependency to checking social media every minute (people who "live" on their phone) to full blown porn addictions. There must be a corresponding training to make good use of it. Otherwise it is just like giving a two-year-old a loaded gun to play with.

The purpose of education is to prepare your kids well, to give them the tools needed to make the best decisions in life. Training to use the Internet properly is a discipline that takes many years of supervision to establish. One day your child will be grown up and will be on his own, with his own access to the internet and with his own decisions to make. What are you doing today to prepare him for that day?

I strongly recommend every parent to listen to this talk: Protecting Innocence by Matt Fradd. Copies are available near the parish office.

The parking lot: Please drive carefully. Please do not leave your kids unattended in the parking lot. The surveillance footage is concerning. Let's avoid that tragedy.

- Thank you to those who have volunteered for the mopping crew. A few more are needed.

- Please know that you and your families are in my prayers, especially at the Altar of Our Lord.

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