Pastor's Corner Jan 5 2020

May this New Year be one that brings you ever closer to Our Lord! Make no mistake, this is His wish. He was born and He died that it may become a reality.

Remember for this year the 4 pillars:

-Regular and structured prayer time (meditation, mental prayer at least 15 minutes a day).

-Regular spiritual reading (to fuel our prayer life).

-Regular reception of the Sacraments (Holy Communion at least weekly and confession monthly).

-Regular devotion to Blessed Mother (Daily Rosary, 3 Hail Mary Devotion, etc.)

It is always good to have a friend/a spouse/a helper to mutually assist one another in keeping those pillars. Regularity in prayer life is what makes the whole difference!

If you haven’t done an examination of conscience in a while, it would be a great idea to make one. You can find a helpful leaflet in our confessionals or online at (search “examination of conscience”). It is very thorough.

If you are in the daily habit of making your examination of conscience, then you know how valuable it is for progress in the spiritual life and for your relation-ship with your Savior.

If you are a regular and daily examination of con-science maker, maybe this acronym will prove helpful for a brief and effective examen every evening: B-A-K-E-R

B- Blessings: thank God for His blessings. You’ll recognize them more and you won’t take them for granted so much.

A- Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and to re-veal to you your sins.

K- Kill: My sins killed Christ. Ponder this truth. What are my sins? What did I commit today that I am sorry for?

E- Embrace Our Lord. This implies a proximity to Christ, a hope in Him, a humility that shows us there is no other way.

R- Resolve: What do I need to target for my morning offering tomorrow? What will be my focus in order to please Our Lord more, to prove to Him my love?

(I summarized these from a retreat book by Father Gaitley, MIC)

- Thank you for your generosity.

- Our class on the Catechism of the Council of Trent resumes this week on Thursday, 9 January at 7 pm.

- Please know that you and your families are in my prayers, especially at the Altar of Our Lord.

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