Pastor's Corner Jan 26 2020

What if a non-Catholic visitor came here for the first time and sat in the back by the vestibule during Sunday Mass? What if he was told afterwards that what we believe happens during Mass is the image above? Would he have believed it based on the behavior he witnessed during Mass?

There is heavy traffic flow. In and out.

And I am not talking about the considerate parent taking out a child because the threshold for tolerable noise was crossed. I am not talking about someone who suffers from health problems, whether physical or mental and has to step out.

Of course, I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who has to walk out during the Sacrifice — that it is for a just and grave reason.

But how many cups of water does one need to get during Mass? Does one really need to go "stretch the legs" and wander around? Does one really need to go for a snack?(!!) To go chew gum? To go check emails or messages? Or just have a good old chat? You wouldn't think so, not at a traditional Mass parish... Well, our security footage tells a very different story - enough of a story that it is cause for concern. Mass is only one hour. Sung Mass is one hour and a half.

Our Lord made a whip from ropes and chased out of the temple those who offended God by their irreverence.

Our Lord reproached the apostles: "Could you not watch with Me one hour?"

Do we really believe the above image is what takes place at the Altar? Is this the utmost reality? Do we pass this on to our kids? Do we act accordingly?

- Please know that you and your families are in my prayers, especially at the Altar of Our Lord.

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