Religious Ed Registration 2020-21

We at St. Joseph take very seriously the task of providing assistance to parents in their responsibility for education of their children. The bad news is that we will not be able to have in-person classes this year. The good news is that we are providing materials and lesson plans for parents of students in Grades 1 through 10.

This is an entirely new endeavor, requiring purchase of books and writing of lessons. Therefore, the plan is to roll out the classes as they are developed, beginning with our Sacramental Prep years, 2nd Grade and 9th/10th Grades. Participation in these two classes, as always, is a requirement for reception of First Communion and Confirmation unless you have the express permission of the pastor.

We need online registration for ALL grades by Saturday, 12 September so we know how many books to order. We will distribute packets of information as we begin each class, including detailed instructions for the parents and books to be used (other than Bibles, which it is assumed you already own).

As always, there are no fees for our classes and we will not charge for books. We request that they are returned in good condition at the end of the year to keep costs down.

For simple classes, such as 1st Grade, a lesson plan sheet will be included with the text, along with instructional suggestions. There will be no requirements for assignments to be turned in, but there are expectations to be met. For example, by the time they enter the First Communion Prep class the following year, it will be expected that students have their basic prayers memorized. All of this will be spelled out in the instructions.

Some of the classes will have lessons posted online on Canvas, an online platform used by many school systems. You will not have to join anything and you'll be given clear instructions. It's very easy to use.

What To Do:

  • Log in or create an account on
  • Select "Religious Education Registration"
  • Register each child separately by Sat. 12 September

I'm sorry we don't have a list of texts yet. I know that makes it harder to decide whether or not to enroll your child, but if the students are not enrolled in a Catholic school or using a home school curriculum where they are getting a solid foundation in the Faith, I would suggest that you go ahead and enroll and if you find a text that covers the basics of the Baltimore Catechism and other aspects of our Faith in a way which works better for your child and you, that's absolutely fine. You can just return the books.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact Katy Hichborn at