Pastor's Corner Mar 31 2019

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Thank you for those who attended our Day of Recollection with Matthew Arnold last Saturday and helped make the day possible. I'd like to thank in particular Bernadette Piccininni and all her helpers who made the atmosphere comfortable and welcoming. I'd like to thank the men who moved tables and chairs around – even keeping the rows pretty straight.

In addition, I'd like to thank those who made our Feast Day Pot Luck on Sunday a nice occasion. Pat Valerio, Sal LaPaglia and Timmy Grumblatt prepped our main dish and had it ready to go. The service was aptly handled by Michelle, Lindsay and their crew of helpers who conducted the "family style" with efficiency. Those who generously help out do so for the love of God, goodness and neighbour, and not for the accolades. Nevertheless, thank you very much.

Speaking of parish events, in order to maintain the pastor's sanity, please welcome a new volunteer position called Parish Event Coordinator. This person will help the pastor create or manage the events, not necessarily social, which serve the parish as a whole. This person will facilitate communication between the office and the people involved. They will help manage budgets, calendars, materials and room allocation. They will work in harmony with the Volunteer Coordinator to help solicit and organize the volunteers to run events. They will exercise leadership in team and skills development. As an assistant to the pastor, the Event Coordinator will NOT be the sole authority to approve every event; nor will they be organizing or running every event; nor will they be doing all the work. Social events which don't affect the parish as a whole, for instance, Savvy Seniors, a Teen Talk, or a Legion of Mary meeting, will not be in this purview. Please welcome Lorraine Hewitt as our first Parish Event Coordinator. I wish to thank her for her bravery in trail-blazing. Try not to give her any grief, please.

Feeding the Hungry: Please see the insert today about this in downtown Richmond at St. Peter's Church. Their apostolate to the homeless and unfortunate is much larger than this small parish can handle. They need our assistance. Please come to the informational meeting on Sun. 28 April, at 1:30 pm, Fr. Adrian Hall.

Teen Talk: All parish teens (and invited guests) are invited to a gathering on Friday 5 April. You are encouraged to attend Holy Mass at 6 pm, and the Stations following. Following this, pizza will be served in the St. Joseph Room. Fr. G will talk about prayer and lead a time of directed meditation. Following this, we will play a fun game together. Dismissal at 10 pm. RSVP to Beverly: office@

For better or worse: Things are going to get worse in the parking lot this week. I have signed fresh contracts with: A) Electricians who will install a panel in the playground area, and new light standards in the parking areas, B) Drainage people who will seal a section of building foundation and drain the water away from the building, C) a Landscaper who will plant trees and bushes and mulch in the parking islands, along with some park benches. Additionally, we are also coordinating with plumbers to bring water out to the picnic area, and arranging for the security wiring to be roughed-in while the lot is torn up. All this must be accomplished before the new paving can commence. This will happen as soon as we can muster it.

Your continued generosity to the Capital Improvement Fund is making these renovations possible. Thank you.

As we come into the home stretch in our preparations for Easter, let us put down our inordinate attachment to the things of earth, and allow the things of heaven to attract our hearts and minds more than ever. God love you.