Saint Joseph's Parish now has a Formed account! This means you can access a great number of resources on a variety of topics regarding Our Beautiful Catholic Faith for free! (audiobooks, presentations, Bible studies, documentaries, talks, movies, kids' movies and more) This can be a great resource to deepen your faith wherever you may be in your spiritual journey. Give it a try!

To get started, create an account as outlined below. Once this has been done, you can login through the app on your smart device.

To create an account:

1. Visit
2. Click "Sign Up"
3. Select "I Belong to a Parish or Organization"
4. Search St. Joseph 23235 and select our parish from the menu.
5. Enter your email—and you’re in!

To login through the app:
1. Click "Sign In"
2. Enter your email
3. FORMED sends an email with a link. Click this link.
4. You're in! No password necessary, and each device only needs to be logged in once.