Welcome Home

You may have been away from the Church for a while, or wonder whether the Church is for you. Please do not be afraid. The God who made you is inviting you inside. God established his Church for you. All the members of the Church are sinners; its purpose is the reformation of sinners into saints. In his Church, we encounter Christ, who is the answer to all of our questions, all of our needs. Home is where we are known, where we belong, where we have our needs met. Welcome home!

Personal Stories of "Coming Home"



To see other brief personal testimonies, click here. The following videos are more detailed conversion stories, which we hope you will find both educational and edifying:

Dr. Alex Jones, Former Pentecostal Pastor Alex Jones converted to the Catholic Church

Dr. Peter Kreeft's conversion to Catholicism from Protestantism

Teresa Beem: A Seventh-day Adventist Who Became Catholic

Daniel Ali: Muslim Convert to Catholic Christianity