The Origin of the Bible: Human Invention or Divine Intervention?

Fall Bible Study 2017
The Origin of the Bible: Human Invention or Divine Intervention?

An excellent 4 session mini-course by Dr. Brant Pitre, professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. Wednesdays 7:10—8:40 pm 
Thursdays 10—11:30 am.  

Session 1 Sept 27, 28 Session 2 Oct. 4, 5
Session 3 Oct. 11, 12 Session 4 Oct.  18, 19

School Supply Collection

The Knights Of Columbus are collecting school supplies again this year for the children of St. Joseph's Villa. Donations can be placed in the KOC collection bin in the vestibule. We'll be collecting through Saturday Aug. 19th. As always, thank you for your continued generosity! (FYI the Virginia school supply sales tax holiday is the weekend of August 4th-6th. Items needed this year include:

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Signs In the Heavens: A talk by Bryan Walsh

Sun., Sept. 17, 1 pm, in Fr. Adrian Hall. Find out what remarkable coincidence of heavenly bodies, i.e. sun, moon, planets, and stars, will soon happen in the sky. Some of what is about to occur is biblical in its proportions, and unprecedented in history. N.B. This is astronomy, not astrology.

New CD Availble: Fatima: Living the Message

In a time of lost innocence, the faith of three children inspired thousands and made the world believe in miracles. Mary's messages at Fatima have been promoted by Popes, approved by the Church, and validated by over 70,000 witnesses. Fr. Jason Brooks brings to light why Fatima is regarded by many as the most important spiritual event of the past 100 years. BONUS: Fr. Shanon Collins, retreat master and well known speaker on EWTN, explains the intended impact and opportunity of the messages of Fatima on the spiritual lives of believers today.

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