Continuing Education for Adults

Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom, Jeff CavinsThis year we will study the Acts of the Apostles.  Written by St. Luke, this book outlines the spread of the Kingdom of God in the early days of the Church.  Course presented by Jeff Cavin, discussions lead by Frs. Novokowsky and Casavantes.  Weekly classes begin September 17. Two times available:  Wed. evenings at 7pm, or Thurs. mornings at 10am.  The fee for participating is $20 per student, or $40 per family.  This fee helps cover the cost of the DVD's. (Scholarships available upon request.) 

Student work books are very useful and highly recommended.  Order your book by Aug.21 for the group rate of $28 by calling the office 804-320-4932.  (After that, the cost is $34.)  Books may be picked up at the Book Store on Sundays. 

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