Saint Nicholas Family Celebration!

Saint Nicholas Family Celebration! On Friday evening, December 6th, after the 6pm Mass, our parish held its annual Saint Nicholas Celebration for children of all ages! At Mass we learned a colorful story about the life of the Real St. Nick at the Council of Nicea. A Macaroni and Cheese Dinner was enjoyed after Mass. All of the children left their shoes outside the Saint Joseph Room and enjoyed some entertainment of games and crafts. The games included: “Toss the Gold Coins into the Chimney” where the children learned about how the Real St. Nick tossed gold coins into the chimney of three young maidens for dowries in order to save them from slavery. “Pin the Fishing Boat onto Asia Minor” which taught the children where the Real St. Nick was born, lived, ministered as a bishop and helped so many others in and around the fishing town of Myra. Not the North Pole!! :) “Timeline of St. Nick Relay Race” had the children racing through important events of St. Nicholas’ life with swim noodles and soccer balls, which was a blast! “Turning Chocolate Santas into Saint Nicholas’” were fun to create using chocolate santas, red foil miter hats and gold pipe cleaners for croziers! Everyone enjoyed the fresh, hot popcorn cart provided by Village Bank. Tables filled with Teens had a great time playing Bible Cranium! St. Nicholas then came to visit and take pictures with all of the children of the parish (even those not so young!). After our celebration, the children later found surprise bags with special treats left in their shoes outside the game room! Everyone had a great time feasting, gaming, crafting and learning more about our favorite Advent Saint— Saint Nicholas!

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