TailoringDear Friends,

On my recent trip to Rome I went shopping for vestments, because sometimes, trying to do things at a distance is just not good enough.  I ended up at a little shop called Ditta Annibale Gammarelli's, famous for having the Vatican as a client.  The shop has been family owned and operated for generations.  With a young tailor,

Tailorand a priest friend Fr. William Barker, fssp, we were able to design a custom set of vestments together.  Since we selected some gorgeous materials, and trusting in their superior workmanship, we will have some glorious vestments to serve the glory of God at His Holy Altar.  If the altar is a foretaste of heaven, it should be other worldly.  Now, we anxiously await their completion and arrival, God willing.  Thank you for your generous support of this project. 

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