Solidarity with Persecuted Christians

St. PeterThe Holy See has granted to the Fraternity of St. Peter the indult to celebrate on every August the 1st, as a 3rd class feast, "Saint Peter in Chains."  This is not a new feast -- it had been dropped from the 1962 calendar. 

Fr. John Berg, our Superior General, has asked that we commemorate this feast in a special way this year,

asking everyone to unite themselves with Christians around the world, and especially in the Middle East, who, like St. Peter before them, are suffering greatly the persecution of evil men.&nbsp

To this end, we will have two Holy Masses this day, at 7am and 6pm, and in between them, Solemn Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 8am to 5pm.  Please come and offer up your prayers and sacrifices this day especially in solidarity with suffering members of the Mystical Body of Christ.  

Christian NIn the parts of Iraq being overrun by ISIS, they have targeted Christians and have branded their properties with a mark. The mark is the Arabic letter 'N' and is short for Nazarene, a reference to Jesus of Nazareth. See a discuss of the reaction here, where even Shiite Muslims are standing in solidarity with the Christians to protest the atrocities they are suffering.

We proudly display this sign of our adherence to Jesus Christ.   We are not alone.  Here's a story about St. mark Chruch in Richmond, Kentucky who proclaim this mark boldly.

The destruction of the Christian presence in Mosul is complete.  This article lists the institutions taken over by ISIS.

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