Pastor's Corner Jul 7 2019

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Goodbyes are one of the most painful things in this valley of tears- most especially goodbyes between a loving, caring father and his loving children.

A good father is one who listens to, takes charge of, provides for, protects and forms (firmly but lovingly) the children given him. A good father is one who shoulders more of the burden so as to alleviate it for those under his care.

Father Novokowsky has been a father at St Joseph's, leading you along to heaven. He has worked wonders in the "material sphere" (new & improved hall, entrance, offices, parking lot- just to name a few) and, of course, the upkeep, operations and growth of the whole parish. I know through many of your testimonies and the love you bear Fr. Novokowsky that God has accomplished even greater wonders in the "spiritual sphere" for you. How many graces has God gifted you through Father's ministry? -countless graces I'm sure!

May we turn to Our Lord, whose plans are not always clear to us in this valley of tears. May we thank Him with hearts full of gratitude for a great priest and may we ask Him to pour His blessings upon Father Novokowsky that he may always keep on being a priest according to the Heart of Jesus.

Fr. Novokowsky, May God reward you!