Pastor's Corner Jan 22 2017

Considering 25 years of parish life, we would be remiss not to take some stock in our blessings. We wanted the hall dedication to be a manifestation of our special gratitude to our founding pastor, Fr. Adrian Harmening, OSB. In his speech, Fr. Adrian expressed his gratitude to the lay folk who requested the Traditional Mass, especially Charlie Furlough and Micky Reardon. Bishop Sullivan is to be commended for his responsiveness and courage. Likewise, we thank Bishop DiLorenzo for his continued generosity. In addition, Abbot Benedict loaned us Fr. Adrian, which he didn’t have to do. The founding families of the parish, all 32 of them, were vitally important to this project. Its hard to hope in lean times. We have many spiritual benefactors. Since 2011, we should recognize the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter which quietly continues to train young men. Our financial benefactors are, of course, indispensable: we remember those 1st and 2nd collection donors; we remember those who, by their bequests, make monumental things possible. As Fr. Adrian said, all this work of the last 25 years is the work of the Holy Spirit. Deo gratias!

Recent parish activity has been chaotic, to say the least. We vacated 13 rooms while refusing to use a storage facility, so we sorted, discarded, gave away or moved all that stuff. We relocated the gift shop, classrooms, and offices. Then, we renovated inside and out and then we moved back. Whew!

Please let me express my thanks to some who helped us survive this slow-motion avalanche. Our employees have been stellar. Beverly Howe, our administrative assistant, has perseveringly been flexible and cheerful. Our bookkeeper, Sandy Ondishko, has been generous in volunteering also. Our choir master, David Pedersen, is perennially dependable, flexible, and always positive.

Additionally, we are privileged to have a new ‘Volunteer Coordinator’, Anne-Marie Beauchesne. She came on board just at the right time for us. Simply put, she has quietly performed miracles: the impossible became possible.

Our volunteer labor force is great. (I apologize ahead of time for accidentally skipping anyone.) Our facilities are cared for by John Hewitt, Bill and Lynn Bergamini, Paul and Catherine Paolini; the sacristy and related stuff is handled by Antoinette Cleary (library too), Nick Heinz, Megan Bean (photos, etc., etc., too), and Mary Clare Adams. Christmas decorating (Good job!) was coordinated by Lorraine Hewitt, and aided by Nikki B., Bernadette P., Raquel Bowles and her kids, and Pat Valerio; moving, cleaning and gopher services were provided by Mark & Loretta Meyer, Jim and Lorrie Grumblatt and kids, Fay Lu Wu and John Rovnak, Cathy Howe, Ann & Don Story, Michele Morris, David Leonard, and John & Betty Vidra; Artistic touches provided by Eric Plenn and Casey Polczynski. Many others too! The interior decorating was put together by Anne-Marie, Margaret Stacy, Bernadette P., Mark & Loretta Mayer. Outstanding!

Fr. Terrence Gordon has uncomplainingly picked up the slack for my absence from other parish duties, like visiting the sick, funerals, extra masses and confessions.

THE Event: the 25th Anniversary Party and Hall Dedication: I think the day seemed effortless, which was a sure sign of the brilliant planning of Lorraine Hewitt. She had good help from the Parish Pastoral Council (Bernadette P., Andy Piffat, Raquel Bowles, George Palm, and Michael Dalhem). Bill Doran and Tony Douglas were also important to this effort. Lorraine, incidentally, was also key in getting some overdue landscaping done.

The Finance Council has kept a watchful eye on things (Jay Lagarde, Tom Dickson, Bob Stolle, John Noble, and Eric Demyanovich). And the Building Committee was useful in getting the whole thing started (Bob Kaplan, Tony Douglas, Jay Lagarde, Mike McKenna and Cory Huber).

I thank God for the blessing of this parish. Please join me in that; then, let us use these gifts, not as an end in themselves, but as a means to an end—as a means to do good, both within and without the parish.

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