Pastor's Corner Mar 25 2018

Welcome to our seminarian Paul Goergen from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

I encourage you to come to our Holy Week Liturgies and to read the sacred texts ahead-of-time. The mysteries of salvation are infinitely meaningful, because, of course, God himself is their object. The more we put in, the more we get out.

ADA: Our prayers for the bishop are of the highest importance. In addition, thank you very much for all who have responded to the bishop's annual appeal. It is great to send a message of support to our successor of the apostles.

Psalm 22: We have examined Psalm 88 (Douay-Rheims 87) in the light of the Lord's imprisonment waiting to be put on trial by Pilate. We have looked at Psalm 118 (DR 117) in the light of the Last Supper. Now we turn to Psalm 22 (DR 21) in the light of the crucifixion. Our Lord recites the first verse from the psalm while hanging on the cross. Could his words be coincidentally similar to the psalm and not a direct quotation? The parallels to the crucifixion, written by King David 1000 years previously, are numerous. Decide for yourself! Let's look at the first 21 verses of psalm 22:

"My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Loudly I call, but my prayer cannot reach thee. Thou dost not answer, my God, when I cry out to thee day and night, thou dost not heed. Thou art there none the less, dwelling in the holy place; Israel's ancient boast. It was in thee that our fathers trusted, and thou didst reward their trust by delivering them; they cried to thee, and rescue came; no need to be ashamed of such trust as theirs. But I, poor worm, have no manhood left; I am a by-word to all, the laughing-stock of the rabble. All those who catch sight of me fall to mocking; mouthing out insults, while they toss their heads in scorn, He committed himself to the Lord, why does not the Lord come to his rescue, and set his favorite free?

"What hand but thine drew me out from my mother's womb? Who else was my refuge when I hung at the breast? From the hour of my birth, thou art my guardian; since I left my mother's womb, thou art my God! Do not leave me now, when trouble is close at hand; stand near, when I have none to help me. My enemies ring me round, packed close as a herd of oxen, strong as bulls from Basan; so might a lion threaten me with its jaws, roaring for its prey. I am spent as spilt water, all my bones out of joint, my heart turned to molten wax within me; parched is my throat, like clay in the baking, and my tongue sticks fast in my mouth; thou hast laid me in the dust, to die. Prowling about me like a pack of dogs, their wicked conspiracy hedges me in; they have torn holes in my hands and feet; I can count my bones one by one; and they stand there watching me, gazing at me in triumph. They divide my spoils among them, cast lots for my garments. Then, Lord, do not stand at a distance; if thou wouldst aid me, come speedily to my side. Only life is left me; save that from the sword, from the power of these dogs; rescue me from the very mouth of the lion, the very horns of the wild oxen that have brought me thus low." [Knox]

As we can see, the first 2/3 of this psalm accurately portray the crucifixion. The last 1/3 of the psalm is reserved for the resurrection, which we will discuss next week.

Thank you for your support, may God reward you in this Holy Season.

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