Pastor's Corner May 6 2018

The "Sermon on the Mount" is coterminous with Matt. 5, 6 and 7. It is a pithy and dense summary of our Lord's moral theology. It is also clear. Almost all the ideas are presented in a contrasting pair: how to do it wrong and right: do not sound a trumpet when giving alms, let it be secret. Our Lord is dramatic: at stake is heaven and hell. Be afraid! But know that our own dishonesty is our biggest enemy. He never mentions evil spirits once.

Our Lord mentions evil and hell a few times, but the Father 17X, heaven 24X, and the kingdom 8X. These are his focus; they need to be our focus also. "Your light must shine so brightly before men that they can … glorify your Father who is in heaven," and "Love your enemies … so you may be true sons of your Father in heaven," and, "… then thy Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward thee."

Read this whole sermon. The message is overwhelmingly positive: we're being offered friendship with the Heavenly Father, and we have the power to accept the invitation.

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