Pastor's Corner July 1 2018

Novena: Thank you to all who joined us in praying the novena to the Holy Spirit for a fortuitous General Chapter. The novena goes through Tuesday. In the charity of your prayers, please do continue to pray for the Chapter which continues through July 18th. Since only the elected representatives attend to the chapter, neither Fr. Gordon or I will be there. (If you need motivation to pray, just remember that Frs. Marsolle and McNeely were both elected.)

Bulletin: We will be suspending the production of the bulletin for a few weeks in the summer. I know: What will you line the bird cage with?! Beginning next week, we will publish the Mass schedule for the remainder of July. Announcements will be made on Sundays from the pulpit and sent via email blast. (Please sign up to receive "Parish Wide Emails" at

Offertory: Thank you to all who signed up on the new online giving forum. As I said before, the parish does not have a preference as to your preferred offertory method. However, one advantage of a recurring gift (bill-pay, or online) is that it re-members even when you don't. This is important for us in the summer months. That said, our online giving is very easy and flexible—a recurring gift is just as easy as a one-time gift.

Our Father, WHO art in heaven. Let us continue a meditation on the Lord's prayer. In every significant human action or event, there is some-thing that is transcendental, all pervading and all embracing. Many agree. (I think that Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims or unbelievers could agree on this point. E.g. It is common for an unbeliever who survives a car crash to say publicly they are "very thankful" without naming to what or to whom.) This point of reference is more than divinity in the abstract. It is a being. More than a being, it is a someone you can address and who you are called to look upon.

Let us not take all this for granted, however. It is easy to see the indefiniteness of this holy something. Is it so easy to focus the indefiniteness of this holy something into the distinctness of the divine countenance? Is it easy to feel that our prayer of mind and heart is heard, received and answered? Those who feel this way should in-deed be thankful and cherish this gift for it is a great grace.

Face to face. God has first called us. He has first addressed me as a person. In doing so he has given me a face of my own, a face whose essential nature it is to turn towards him. And thus, in addressing God directly, I am capable of seek-ing in my turn his face. And now the Our Father challenges us to speak to him as a person, a "who," and to speak to him directly. No matter where you are, your words will reach him who is in heaven. At any hour, your invocation will find him. There is something immeasurably marvelous in the fact that God is accessible from anywhere at anytime from anything, that the call sent out in the right way never goes astray and reaches its goal. [Taken from: Romano Guardini, The Our Father, Sophia Inst. Press.]

Thank you for your continued support.

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