Pastor's Corner Nov 18 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! We have much more to be thankful for than we realize! Thank you for your kind response to the Finance Council's requests.

Sr. Genevieve (Muriel Wankemp-Kamga) will be making 1st Vows as a contemplative Carmelite in Elysburg, PA on Sat. Nov. 24. Deo gratias!

Budgeted numbers or actual: Please bear with me as I offer a small precision. In the weekly bulletin, we've reported actual vs. budgeted INCOME. Since the diocese requires us to have a balanced budget, budgeted income is very similar to budgeted expenses. The budget, however, is only a guess. Some level of unforeseen expenses is anticipated, but this too is just a guess. For instance, this summer we had some electrical equipment fail requiring a $6,400 fix. This puts our expenses $5,400 over our income. The Council has asked that the actual expenses be communicated to you. Consult the introductory chart below.

Therefore, "over budget" it may mean a) we're spending too much, or b) we guessed the future poorly, or c) stuff happens, or d) none of the above!

To cross or to fold? It now seems to be a wide-spread custom in America that members of the congregation who are not receiving Holy Communion are invited to approach the point of distribution for a blessing, by showing the "blessing sign", that is, crossing their arms before their breast. Given this context, when the faithful approach and open their mouths as if to receive, but cross their arms as if not to receive, it is very confusing to the priests. Since we are loath to give Holy Communion to those who are not intending to receive, then we might be forced to ask a clarifying question. These questions get awkward in a hurry, and are to be avoided. Therefore, let's please reserve the "arm-crossed" gesture to those who are NOT receiving. Communicants, please fold your hands, and not your arms. Please keep your folded hands low, preferably touching the railing. This way, they are not in the way of the Communion Paten, and you have more stability holding onto something. Thank you for your understanding.

Please keep up the good work! God love you.

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