Pastor's Corner Dec 30 2018

I wish to reiterate my appreciation for all who enabled us to prepare well for our Christmas celebration. Mr. Pedersen and the choir were fantastic. The altar boys were as steady as they go. Michelle Blake organized a productive clean-up day. Thank you to these special event volunteers—too many to mention, as well as our regulars, like Bill Bergamini and his family. The decorators: Lorraine, Andria, Bernadette, Nino, Raquel and all their helpers who did an outstanding job. The outdoor grounds people got the winter landscape neat and tidy. Those who decorated outdoors put a special festive touch on everything. Those who donated to the flower fund helped tremendously -- I think we had $7 dollars left over! There were many more people who filled in the gaps, too many to mention here, who quietly work for the Lord for the common good of all. Thank you – may God reward you!

Parking Lot: What you see being done currently is the installation of some decorative curbing to beautify the lot. One piece at a time, its all coming together. Thank you for your patience.

Extended Absence: Fr. Gordon will be away for a month starting 8 January 2019. Please pray for his safe return. I will get some priestly as-sistance for some of time that he is away, so the cal-endar will not be disrupted too much. More details will follow.

One New Year's resolution: Consider the good spiritual profit to be had by making the nine 1st Fridays and five 1st Saturdays devotions in 2019! (NB: our confession time on Saturday 5 Jan. will be truncated to 10 – 11am on account of Margaret Mary Lagarde's wedding that day.) Thank you for planning ahead of time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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