Pastor's Corner May 18 2019

Paving Project Scheduled to begin Monday June 3rd.

What is happening? Beginning Mon. June 3rd, we will scrape/mill all the asphalt from the lot and repave with fresh asphalt. As you know, we have been actively preparing for this work for 13 months. We have installed a drainage system; we have buried water and electrical lines; we have augmented the lighting system; we have beautified with curbing and landscaping islands. We are now ready! Sometimes simply adding a fresh layer of asphalt is possible (and definitely less expensive). To do it right this time, we had to dig down, think long term.

Open for Business: On Monday June 3rd we will be open for ordinary business but the ordinary traffic flow will be disrupted for a few days. Fortunately, the front strip of parking along Buford (see picture on back) will remain untouched. There will be some changes to the traffic pattern each day; please follow the cones, directional signs, or construction supervisor. The paving company will make every attempt to be finished on time for the Yard Sale on Saturday. Don't worry; even if they do not finish, what they leave behind will be better than what we have now. Do pray for good weather.

Expenses: This project is made possible by you. We discussed doing the paving in two phases. In the end, the finance council decided that one phase was more advantageous. This however necessitated a bank loan. I will explain in detail how we will pay back this loan next week. Thank you for sticking with me during this process.

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