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Description: Accessories & Clothing with Crests – Stylish yet silent statements that stand up for Faith, Life & Traditional Marriage/Family. A portion of EVERY purchase goes to the charity of your choice - at checkout you can choose from a list - PRIESTLY FRATERNITY OF ST. PETER is on that list!

The Faith Life Family, LLC logo was created first and foremost after much prayer and by Divine Inspiration. Being a Traditional Catholic, home schooling mother/former fashion industry executive, I saw a need to bridge the gap between different organizations – Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage, Pro-Family and Pro-Faith groups under one banner/umbrella – one Crest that stood for Godly laws. Why should we continue to wear designer logo’s on our chests that fund who knows what, when instead we could be wearing a tasteful, silent statement of OUR BELIEFS! We have the opportunity to share the “good news” with others, one garment at a time.

Our copyrighted logos have strong significant meaning:

The original FAITH LIFE FAMILY crest measures 3?H x 2.5?W. It has the Red Crown of Martyrdom (topped with a golden cross, white pearls and symbols on the shield stand for purity) 12 pearls (12 Apostles/12 Tribes of Israel) 13th pearl beneath the cross is for Our Lady - The Precious Pearl, the Red Shield showing a willingness to fight the good fight for Christ and His teachings, defending Faith (the Cross), Life (the Baby Feet) and Traditional Marriage/Family (the Family), the circle is blue which stands for Fortitude, Fleur de lis for The Blessed Virgin Mary, and Gold stands for Divinity.

The smaller Crest measures 1.9”H x 1.5”W for those who prefer to make a “quieter” statement. It still has the Red Crown of Martyrdom topped with the golden Cross of Our Lord, Fleur de Lis and white pearls for Purity - 12 pearls (12 Apostles/12 Tribes of Israel) 13th pearl in the middle under the cross stands for Our Lady (The Precious Pearl), for Divinity – Gold letters (FLF- stands for FAITH LIFE FAMILY) and leaves with three points referencing the Holy Trinity, and the Fleur de Lis at the bottom of the crest – essentially beneath the Cross stands for the Blessed Mother who remained at the foot of the Cross with her Son. This crest was created to coordinate better with an array of colors – pastels, hot pink, orange, etc where as the other Crest’s primary colors might clash with the garment color. It will look great on a men’s oxford shirt, polo’s and ladies blouses for a smaller, more feminine, understated look. The choice is yours!

WE ARE THE CHURCH MILITANT and we are called to not only fight the good fight, but to lead souls to Christ. Not by beating them over the head. But through acts of love and kindness. By clueing someone in to TRUTH, a soul that has been mislead through the “politically correct” yet incredibly LOST society, you ARE showing love and kindness. By doing something as simple as wearing a garment such as a FAITH LIFE FAMILY shirt, you are silently stating your beliefs, without saying a word. You are wearing a tool that allows God to use YOU as His instrument for evangelizing to His lost sheep. For when a stranger takes a look at what is on your shirt they first see an attractive crest. But upon closer examination, they notice there are symbols that they’ve never seen on a crest before. They might even ask you about it. It is then up to you as to whether or not you want to broach the subject or not. But at least the opportunity has presented itself – all just because of the shirt that you chose to wear that day. A soul that was lost MAY become found if you choose to be brave and share the “good news” in an act of love, in a positive way with your neighbor. We have been blessed with the GIFT of FAITH – don’t take it for granted, as it truly is a gift from God…now is your time to share.

Speaking of sharing, you need to remember that as a result of your generous purchase, a portion of the net proceeds will go to Pro-Life, Pro-Faith, Pro-Traditional Marriage and Pro-Family organizations - Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is on the list. These groups do not remain silent, thanks be to God. So if you are more of the silent type, no problem! They will do the work for you with the dollars that you spend on our merchandise.

Please share this website with any and everyone that you know that is tired of what is happening, so sinfully and swiftly to our world. Just imagine if every Christian in the world started wearing these Christian themed garments – what a positive affect it could/would have on society.

God bless you,
Missy D’Aconti
Founder/Owner of Faith Life Family, LLC

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